Case study: Relocating abroad for work

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Alex Davies shares his experience of using the HSBC International Banking Centre before moving to Qatar for work

Aviation consultant Alex Davies, 43, is about to embark on a very different life when he moves to Qatar for work. He will be leaving his home near Swindon for two years and will rent his house out while he
is away.

Alex has been a Premier customer for eight years. "When I called up to let the bank know I was moving, the International Banking Centre called me back within 24 hours," he says. "They completed all the necessary forms and got an account in Qatar set up for me straight away."

Within a week, I got an email from HSBC in Qatar saying that my debit card and everything would be ready for me on arrival

Alex was impressed with how the International Banking Centre helped him to get all his banking needs in order before leaving the UK. "Within a week, I got an email from HSBC in Qatar saying that my debit card and everything would be ready for me on arrival," he says: "But the best thing is they said these would actually be delivered to my work. This definitely exceeded my expectations."

Once he's settled in, Alex may want advice on making the most of his financial planning: "HSBC has offered to be available at any time to advise on how to maximise my present savings and benefit from the tax-free status in Qatar," he says. "All I need to do is call them."

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Having recently split up from his wife, Alex will be making the move by himself and is hoping Qatar will be an exciting new chapter in his life. "I'm not nervous at all about the move, but I am excited about living in a vastly different culture, the challenging work and the chance to visit new places."

The International Banking Centre will guide you through our simple account-opening process and explain any important differences in the way banking is run in your new home country. We can also answer any queries you may have about banking abroad.

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