Life events

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Keeping an eye on your finances?

Use this tool to identify which areas of your finances are in good health and which may need further attention and discussion.

Already living in retirement?

Find out how you can make the most of your money and what you could do to increase your retirement funds.

Saving for your children's future?

How will you achieve the goals you have for your children? Use this tool to help you give them the best opportunities life has to offer.

Wanting to protect your family?

For many of us our main concern in life is our family, but how might they cope if anything were to happen to you? Find out how you could make your family's future more secure.

Thinking about your family's lifestyle?

If either you or your partner were unable to work, would you be able to make ends meet? This tool can help you protect your family's lifestyle.

Looking to make your money work harder?

Check whether you're on track to meet any financial targets you may have and discover what you could do to improve your future position.

Planning your retirement?

After decades of working nine-to-five, retirement should be something to look forward to. Use this tool to help you get the retirement you've imagined.

Everyone's circumstances are different and what applies to one person may not be right for someone else. The suggestions above are based on a general assumption of each circumstance and they are not intended to provide advice or recommendation.